Preschool Program

Several special features of our Preschool Classroom include:

Large Outdoor Playground — Preschool Program in St. Louis, MO

Weekly reports and activity schedules
are sent home to each parent to enhance communication and encourage parent involvement.

Large outdoor playground on two levels with trikes, basketball, and picnic area on one level and climbers, slides, fort, and sandbox safely on another level.

Optional aerobics and fitness program available September through May.

Optional off-site swimming lessons available during the Summer months, focusing on water safety and fun.

Indoor Gross Motor Activities are a regular part of our daily routine.

Welcome to the Bear Room! This room includes children ages 3 and early 4's. Our daily curriculum is based on The Creative Curriculum for Preschool. The Creative Curriculum is a balance between the teacher and the child meaning activities and learning is both teacher-directed as well as child-initiated. The curriculum responds to children's learning styles and builds on their strengths and interests. This room provides the children with a safe place to learn and play with others.

This is such a crucial time of early development and we are here to help your child succeed. We focus on social/emotional development, physical development, cognitive development, and language development. The children start their day with free play/activities in the morning during arrival time. We have structured group times which include: calendar and weather, group games such as Simon Says, parachute play, bean bag games, and musical instruments. One of our class favorites is Music and Movement.
There is a weekly theme in our classroom and we have structured activity time which includes the following: Art, Sensory Activity, Science, Math, Music, and Literacy based on the weekly theme. Below are some example activities for the previous areas.

Art: bottle art, water color painting, collage creations, etc.

Sensory: sensory bottles, experiments, making our own play dough

Math: scoring, counting objects, puzzles

Literacy: group reading, reading area for silent reading, audio books

The children can use their imagination in the dramatic play area and block area. The dramatic play area allows children to play pretend and form a sense of self and for others through play. The block area creates a space for children to use their creativity and produce something with their own thoughts.

We focus daily on colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. We begin leaning pre-writing skills for our letters and numbers and are prepared for Pre-K! We practice/achieve many fine motor skills and gross motor skills at this age as well.

We think technology plays a huge role in our society today and we communicate with parents through email (if available). We send weekly schedules, reminders, and pictures of your child at play.

We look forward to working with you and your child.