Pre-Kindergarten Program

Special features of our Pre-Kindergarten Classroom include:

Child Learning to Write — Pre-Kindergarten Program in St. Louis, MO
Weekly lesson plans are posted for review to keep parents informed and involved.

Small group centers are setup to encourage social emotional development.

Large outdoor playground designed with equipment to challenge the older preschool child.

Indoor Gross Motor Activities are a regular part of our daily routine.

Optional aerobics and fitness program available September through May.

Field trips are often taken to enrich learning & encourage exploration. Examples of past filed trips include a Pumpkin Patch & the Zoo.

We are excited about our Pre-Kindergarten program! Each fall we begin a new class in accordance with Parkway & Pattonville School district calendar. We look forward to teaching your children and would like to tell you about the program.
The class is a preparation for Kindergarten thus the term Pre-K. The children in this class will be attending kindergarten a year from standing in the classroom. We concentrate on many areas of development as the pre-school does with the addition of a writing area and an organized game each week. We work on a letter each week throughout the year and do a review when we get to the end of the alphabet. In the writing area, we learn to hold a pencil correctly, work on writing our names, letters and numbers all on lined paper. We also practice writing skills using stencils and other writing materials. You will be asked to sit with your child at home and make a list of 5-10 words with the letter of the week which will be shared in class and written on the board at morning group time.

In addition to academic preparation, your child will also work on other skills necessary for a smooth transition into kindergarten. These skills include raising your hand before you talk, decision making, responsibility, cooperation, conflict resolution with peers and self-control. We have seven different areas that your child will be working in. These are science, writing, art, sensory, block games and table toys and a quiet corner. Each area has a set number of children that can go there. Example: The science table has two spaces. Your child will receive a name tag to put on the board in each area. If the area is full your child must find another area to go to. The children stay in the areas until the bell rings, then they must switch. There is a final clean up bell when activity time is over.

At 9:30 we will go into the Pre-K room for our morning group. This is a very important group time, so please try and have your child to school by 9:30. At this group time, we give our special jobs for the day, do calendar and weather, and our words. Each week, you will receive a copy of the lesson plan and a weekly letter. **Your child's clipboard will be in the Pre-K room.** This is where you will receive any other written communications from the teacher and artwork that is ready to take home. Beginning in September, we will also have a Student of the Week each week. The student will get a special award to take home and there will be a poster highlighting that child.

We look forward to a great year!!
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