Infant & Toddler Programs

Our Infant/Toddler Classroom consists of three distinct areas:

Play area for the infants — Infant and Toddler Programs in St. Louis, MO

Our play area for the infants is designed to meet the various stages of development during the first year of life. Our toddler play area, while separate from the infants, is purposely designed to enable the infants to see and interact with the toddlers and caregivers. This makes your child's first transition to the next classroom a smooth and pleasant one.

The toddler play area is designed for the active toddler. Following a group schedule, the teachers plan and implement activities in the areas of art, language, and stories, gross and fine motor skills, and movement and music.

Several unique features of our program include:


Daily reports not only provide a summary of your child's day, but have ample room for you to indicate your child's specific needs when you bring your child into our center each day.

Separate sleeping and awake areas for the infants assures that your infant will nap quietly and not be disturbed by active children in the adjoining areas.

A separate infant/toddler playground is fully fenced with equipment specifically designed for that age bracket.

Our reservation system guarantees that a space will be available for your infant when you need to return to work.