At The Westport School we have classrooms designed to meet the developmental needs of each child. We serve families with children ages 6 weeks to 14 years & provide nutritious meals to all students (e.g. breakfast, lunch, morning & afternoon snacks). To learn more about a specific room, click on the classroom below.

Our Infant/Toddler Classroom consists of three distinct areas:

We have a separate sleeping room with cribs and a changing table so infants can nap quietly and undisturbed.

Our play area for the infants is designed to meet the various stages of development during the first year of life. Our Toddler play area, while separate from the Infants, is purposely designed to enable the infants to see and interact with the toddlers and caregivers. This makes your child's first transition to their next classroom a smooth and pleasant one.

The Toddler play area is designed for the active toddler. Following a group schedule, the teachers plan and implement activities in the areas of art, language and stories, gross and fine motor skills, and movement and music.

Preschool Program

Welcome to the Bear Room! This room includes children ages 3 to early 4's. Our daily curriculum is based on The Creative Curriculum for Preschool. The Creative Curriculum is a balance between the teacher and child, meaning activities and learning are both teacher-directed as well as the child-initiated. This room provides the children with a safe place to learn and play with others.

This is a crucial time of early development and we are here to help your child succeded. We focus on social/emotional development, physical development, cognitive development, and language development. The children start their day with free play/activities in the mornings during arrival time. We have structured group times which include: Calendar and Weather, Group games such as Simon Says, Parachute Play, Bean Bag Games, and Musical Instruments. One of our class favorites is Music and Movement.


Pre-Kindergarten Program

We are excited about our Kindergarden readiness program. Each Fall we begin a new class in accordance with Parkway School District's Calendar.

The class is a preparation for Kindergarten, thus the term Pre-K. The children in this class will be attending Kindergarten the following school year. We concentrate on many areas of development as the Preschool does with the additon of a writing area and an organized game each week. We work on a letter each week throughout the year and do a review when we get to the end of the alphabet. In the writing area, we learn to hold a pencil correctly and work on writing our name, letters, and numbers, all on lined paper. We also practice writing skills using stencils and other writing materials. You will be asked to sit at home with your child and make a list of 5-10 words with the letter of the week which will be shared in class and written on the board at the morning group time.

In addition to the academic preparation, you child will also work on other skills necessary for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. These skills include raising your hand before you talk, decision making, responsibility, cooperation, conflict resolution with peers, and self-control. We have eight different areas that your child will be working in: Science, Writing, Art, Sensory, Block, Games, Table toys, and Quiet Corner.


Several unique features of our program include:

Daily Reports not only provide a summary of your child's day, but the reports also have ample room for you to indicate your child's specific needs when you bring your child into our center each day.

Separate sleeping and awake areas for the infants assures you that your infant will nap quietly and not be disturbed by active children in the adjoining areas.

A separate infant/toddler playground is fully fenced with equipment specifically designed for this age bracket.

Our reservation system guarantees that a space will be available for your infant when you need to return to work.

Our two- and early three-year-old program fosters creativity, self-help skills, and fun as children transition from infancy to the start of their preschool years.

With the use of a thematic program and the following developmental centers, the children are encouraged to explore and interact in the areas of art, science, math, language, movement and music, and dramatic play.

The following features are unique to our two-year program:

A separate playground specifically for two's with equipment just their size.

Our bathroom/changing area located in the classroom fosters toilet learning and other self-help skills such as hand washing.

A small indoor gross motor area has a climber and platform steps that double as an amphitheater during story time.